September 30, 2022
  • September 30, 2022

FI Property Management, Chorley | Real estate financing | Business Directory Profile

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Company Overview

Founded by Tim Knowles, FI Real Estate Management (FIREM) has 40 years of experience managing workspaces, assets and properties and creating development opportunities for its diverse investment portfolio, which includes industrial, office, leisure, retail and residential investments. Its one guiding principle is that every interaction and every challenge is an opportunity to help our clients find the right space for them, where they can grow and thrive.

The FIREM team specializes in large-scale commercial and industrial developments, using extensive planning experience to bring together a strong supply chain of consultants and contractors to deliver projects that drive economic productivity and help create jobs.

With a UK-wide commercial property portfolio of over 15m², FIREM is investing in a number of flagship developments across the UK to grow its 5m² newbuild pipeline over the next four years. These include 2.2m² of new retail, leisure, industrial and commercial counters in the Wrexham Industrial Estate. FIREM also secured planning approval in July 2022 to redevelop the historic Botany Bay site in Chorley to create 405,386 square feet in 33 new retail units to stimulate the Lancashire retail development market.

FIREM’s construction division, FI Construction, is focused on creating places of quality and distinction, with an approach defined by a commitment to excellence. In keeping with its commitment to create extended social value through FIREM’s new construction developments, FI Construction is also working with supply chain partners and training providers to create numerous employment and training opportunities for the local population.


  • Asset Management
  • Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Industrial development and warehouse
  • investment advice
  • Planning services
  • Property management

Company statement

FIREM is committed to continually elevating the UK property market by investing in both its existing assets and its new development pipeline to create a diverse property portfolio that meets changing business needs.

As one of the UK’s most established names in commercial property and asset management, FIREM strongly believes that business needs are individual. We start with people, not properties, an approach that ensures we find the right premises to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to help our tenants find commercial space that will help them thrive.

Having managed over 15 square meters of commercial and industrial space over the years, we have extensive experience in supplying industrial, leisure, office and retail properties giving us unique insight into market conditions and tenant aspirations in all real estate sectors. We listen to our tenants and partners, we build relationships, and through our hands-on experience and understanding of properties, people, and places, we create opportunities for success through collaboration at all levels.

By adapting as our tenants grow, we are well positioned to provide perfect spaces for current and future commercial demands.

Purpose activity

Providing workspace, asset and property management and creating development opportunities for a diverse investment portfolio including industrial, office, leisure, retail and residential.

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